Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 9th

Billy was hanging out with me on the floor this morning but he's back to his post now!

Boo hanging out in his condo.

This is Loki's absolute favorite spot.

Smokey, you are such a silly thing!

Finley enjoying some of this nice Seattle weather we're having.

Oops,it's a little blurry but you can still tell how handsome Simba is.

Serena found a nice little bed

Oh Lopo, I'm sorry to have waken you up.

Frank says it's finally cool enough to spend time in his cabin again. There's even a heated bed in there!

Tiger just wants to hang out all the time.

What a sweet little face. Maddie is too cute.

Indi on the move!


Settie has the cutest face.

Mmm yes... butt scratches!

Peach also has one of the cutest faces!

She seems pretty impressed by her own tail. 

Cute little Hugo! He's just content to stay in his condo.

Your blog host - Ellen
Happy Birthday John Lennon - October 9th

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