Saturday, October 4, 2014

October 4th

Summer is over!
Today the forecast is cloudy skies and napping cats

Ellen got some fantastic shots of Mochi playing around in the light

Her sister Pickle is still perfectly content to nap in her basket however

Beatrice was out and about today, so we got to see her showing off that awesome coat 

Billy has laid claim to the office condo tops

Oh hi Coco, just finishing a nap?

It's October and Gigi has already gotten cozy with the hot-pad

While everyone was napping Mile took it as her chance to go explore

Minka is always good at finding a cozy spot

Maddie is still new here, but she is so sweet once she gets some attention!

Simba has dragged his prize back to the den

It doesn't look like said prize will make a very good dinner

Junior is making sure everyone outside behaves, so far everyone is still napping

Mojo is just the cutest when he's curled up

I think Sam wants his ceiling back

Lopo has a nice little ledge to himself here

Yeah, pretty much buddy

Serena wanted someone to play with, but all the other cats were asleep

Anne perked up the moment she saw me, all she wants is some attention

You look pretty comfy there Cooper

Blanton and Frank were curled up on either side of a perch, what a cute pair!

And here's Loki, napping away in the office

Blog today by Miles, who is more and more sure that cats know a thing or two about how to spend a day properly

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