Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27th

Today has been a day of spectacular Fall weather and all of our kitty friends are in a great mood!  

New cats Maggie and Jerry are a couple of SNUGGLERS!

This little guy is such a purr machine!

Mittens strikes a precarious pose to get my attention...

Because she loves being adored!

Josie is also in a floppy mood this afternoon...

and flashes me her sweet kitty belly!
Brothers Abbot and Costello are spending some quality time together... 

Domino is a precocious little guy...

He loves to show off his fluff!  

Mia shoots up a cat tree to say "hello"... 

Oh Mia, you're so good at scratching that thing!  

Lively little Igor surveys her domain... 

And Pudge!  He's such a nice guy!  

Brothers Hank and Dean enjoy eachother's company...

Hank is sure a handsome fella!  
Jailbirds Maddox and Maxwell want out!
(But you guys haven't finished your dinner yet!)

Happy Monday, Everyone!

Your blog host,


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