Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 18th

Louis trying to get my attention

What a sweet boy!

Hello to you too, Vader!

Shadow staying warm and cozy in his carrier.

Woah! Watch what you do with those claws Vader.

Smokey giving me is best zombie look

Jackson STILL hasn't moved and is making me share the chair with him...

His sister Pepper found an appropriate place to take a nap though

Marley, I put a bed up there for you so you wouldn't have to lay on the condo but, okay.

Maddie is just such a doll

Thirsty Gigi?

How handsome is Mossimo?

Look at those little toesies! SO cute, Aussie.

Brothers Hank (below) and Dean (above) look pretty comfy in their beds.

Molly also likes the comfort of her carrier. She's such a pretty tuxedo girl.

Alisse enjoying the comfort of her condo

While brother, Carlisle, goes out to explore the cattery!
Finley wants nothing to do with the rain today

Kitty Angel giving me her model pose

Junior doesn't mind the rain at all

Cougar enjoying the fresh air but staying dry in bed

Ohhh Julien, you're all ready for Halloween with that collar!

Ziggy flopping around being adorable

He just wants me to spend all day hanging out with him

Marley finally figured out what the bed was for!

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