Saturday, October 11, 2014

October 11th

Fall welcomes us with rainy clouds!
It was pouring out there so we were stuck in here with all the silly kitties

As per usual, Ellen left me with a few real gems on the camera, with Indi sitting pretty up there

Smokey is such a silly cat, he will play for hours

Finley is a super friendly fellow, he says hi to me too

Butterscotch is low-key kittie

Cleo's a curious little kitty

Settie is such a sweetheart! We're sad not to have her brother Stanley here as well, but Settie has enough personality to make up for it

Whats up Hugo?

Maddie is full of affection, she will soak up petting

Jessica doesn't care about the rain, she's in explorer mode

And Tiger just wants love, he's great like that

Serena too, she rubs on any passing people

Lopo is so cute when he naps!

Sorry Lopo, you're cute when awake too!

Frank already knows he's cute

Loki has been insistently rubbing his head against mine for attention for the entirety of this blog production

Billy is such a cute little guy! He loves going for the afternoon snack after he gets his petting!

Blog today by Miles, Loving every cat that's here and enjoying the small crowd!

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