Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6th

Loki chillin out in a kitty tent.

Smokey is just all over the place today.
Sweet Beatrice found a new condo to hang out in.

~oOoOo~ spooky~~~
(Allison was trying to get his attention)

Billy loves the top of the condos.

Peach has such a  gorgeous fluffy tail.

Maddie is such a cutie! She was rolling and flopping around to get my attention.
Serena snoozing away

How handsome is Junior?

He's such a rad cat

From left to right: Cougar, Blanton, Lopo, and Frank.

Some close ups.




Annie staying cool in the shade

Simba is tuckered out from a long day of playing tag with the other cats

Miele is ALWAYS ready to play

New kitty Finley just came in this morning and he's taking in his surroundings.

Cute little Coco just wants to hang out in her condo all the time.

Happy Birthday famous movie star from 1920's-30's, 
Carole Lombard, born October 6, 1908.  She was obviously a black cat lover.

Your blog host - Ellen

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