Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 23rd

Winston exploring the vacuum jungle

We took Maddox and Maxwell upstairs to have a play date with Winston but they were too busy exploring.

Lady T doing what Lady T does best
My, what big ears you have!

Josie sitting pretty

Pudge found a condo he likes better than his own.

Marley just chillin out

Ziggy has been following me around non stop

I'm not sure what Dean is reaching for...

Aw, look at the smile on Hank's face.

Mia catching some z's

Molly is such a sweet and gorgeous kitty.
Domino enjoying the nice weather

I think Mittens wants some attention

These guys are almost always hanging out together. They love each other so much

Ziggy can't wait for halloween!

Hiya Dean!

Dean thinks wearing your hats on top of your head is too mainstream. He's gonna start a new trend.

Allison thought Mossimo looked a bit like Willy Wonka.

Maddie poking her head out for some tummy rubs.

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