Thursday, October 30, 2014


 It's Halloween at All My Kitties and out comes the costume box.  Maddox and Dean are very interested in it and are trying to decide what they'll wear.

Maddox looks quite dashing in his hats.

While Dean likes the look of this spider outfit, although it seems to be a bit of a squeeze for him.

Molly LOVES to show off her Superwoman costume. 

But then she gets a little bored and decides to take a nap.


Winston is a breed called a Sphinx.  Sphinx cats are hairless, but despite their unusual look, they are wonderful companions.  Winston likes to go outside so we bought him a little sweater to wear so he won't get chilled.  I don't think he likes it.

 Domino likes to be outside too.  Look at him showing off his handsome Halloween bandanna.

But then he decides that being a purple monster might be more fun.

 Winston likes this flower hat. It's actually part of the Bee costume. It's not very masculine Winston, not that we care. 

 My own cat, who is also named Domino, was caught sleeping with the pumpkin hat on.  Ok, maybe we put it on her while she was dozing.

 The bumblebee costume seems to be a big hit.  Now Igor is wearing it. 

She is so cute and such a sweet kitty whether or not she's a bee.

I think Dean looks adorable in this fun pumpkin party collar... 

but he seems to be looking towards his brother Hank for help.

Hank checks out the situation...

then gets into the act.  What is this purple thing anyway?

 Dean and Maddox are more interested in playing with the costumes.

 Maddox ran into this basket with his feather catch.  He wasn't about to let anyone else have it.

 Pudge as Kermit the Kat 

Josie looks so scary in her witches hat and green hair.  Actually I think its a nice contrast to her pink collar.  

The costumes come upstairs to the cats in the office. Jerry, Maggie, and Winston are curious about what it's all about.

 The "Smugglers," Jerry and Maggie, see what's coming next.

 Oh jeez, here come the witches hats.

 Yes kitties.  You have to put them on.

Jerry is not particularly enthusiastic about it.

 But pretty Maggie kind of likes to be a bumblebee for a day.

 Getting the kitties ready for dress up is a bit challenging.  Allison works on getting Winston ready for his photo shoot.

 He doesn't seem to approve of it at first.

 But then he sees how adorable he is in this spider outfit and realizes...

 "I'm a STAR!!!"

Sam is once again a Pumpkin this year, although he really wanted to be a lion.  Maybe next time Sam.  But mostly he wants to wish everyone a 

Your Halloween blog host - Marie

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