Saturday, April 11, 2015

April 11th

What a gorgeous pose from Squiggly!

Little Pookie has done some exploring!

Mr. Norbert Frost is the cutest!


Caruso has been all over the place today!

Look at how cozy Roseabelle is

Millie always has a perch

Maggie loves to be curled up in bed

What's crackin' Philbert?

It's miss Laila!

Samuel has really settled in, and he's a fantastic cat!

Summer is just the sweetest!

Tiger! we have a lot of Tigers, but they all have distinct personalities

Nyar just rolls around adorably most of the time

Haji is such pretty kitty

Eliza is just here to soak up the sun

Yana is just such a snuggly cat!

Lopo wins the "most relaxed pose" award

It's Achilles!

Caruso again!

Miss Frankie, mirroring Eliza's pose

Thirsty day for Taj

Jessica has a nice, high perch

Kc has the nicest eyes!

Rocco is quite the explorer

Max is just a sweetheart

Visa's a sweet old lady

Lenny you are such a floppy cat!

Murphy gives us his best dramatic pose

And how could we forget about Minka?

Blog today by Miles, wishing you all wonderful travels and safe returns

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