Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 25th

Oh hello Miss Oka

Vincent is just a little sweetheart!

Lily looks pretty comfy here in her bed

We have another Tiger here! And what a great guy he is

Oh it looks like a woke up Minka in a surprise!

Chloe and Caruso, making friends the way cats do

Why are you so sweet Max?

Frankie is a master napper

Taj is on the prowl

Yana popping up to say hello!

Luna and Purr-c love to hang out outside!

Lopo is almost always the first to greet me when I come in

KC is too good at being cute!

Frank and Lopo are both big perchers

Nyar keeps her watch up high!

Nixie above and Roscoe down below are both shy, but we know that patience and gentle affection are the best ways to make them feel at home!

Blog today by Miles, overjoyed to be around all of your cat companions! You all have some wonderful pals, and we're happy to take care of them!

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