Friday, April 17, 2015

April 17th

Purrcy made himself right at home inside one of our office cabinets. 

He's such a cutie!

Jilly Bean LOVES to flop and roll around.

Lady T sticks her tongue out at me.

Louie sleepily glaces up at the camera 

Baby is queen of the office!

Oka looks mighty relaxed in her bed

Little Leo hanging out in his carrier

Chloe looks like she's about ready to fight be for dinner!
(Kidding, she's the sweetest little love!)

Puss'N'Boots strikes a pose

Josie knows it's almost dinner time..

Achilles coming out his tent to get his picture taken

Miss Jessica greets all our customers at the front door.

Nyar (above) and Yana (below) are such floppy sisters!

Skippy-Jon has claimed this cabin.

Lopo can't get enough of this sunshine!

His brother, Frank, prefers to hang out in his cabin instead.

Cougar instantly started rolling around as soon as he saw me.

Frankie pokes her head out of her basket.

Jezebel looks out the window from behind one of the condos.

Achilles came down for some head rubs!

Jessica shows off her claws

Max was so cute sitting on the little bench outside.

But he had to come over for some cuddles!

You may remember, a few months ago we asked for food donations to bring to a local kitty rescue.
Above is Romeo one of the many cats you all helped out!
We brought the donated food to Seattle Area Feline Rescue a local no kill non profit cat rescue.
Thank you all SO much for your donations!!!

Have a lovely day!
Your blog host - Ellen

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