Thursday, April 9, 2015

April 9th 2015

It's been such sunny weather out today that our kitty guests are nice and relaxed!

Squiggy is such a floppy boy!  He'll let you rub his belly!

Visa has settled in nicely.  She really likes hanging out in her condo.

That Murphy is one cool kitty! 

Minka is a princess.  

She's letting out a big yawn here.  

It's difficult to get a clear picture of Lenny because he's too busy rolling around!

TJ in the window box.

Sam just arrived yesterday and he's already made himself at home.  

Meet Mr. Norbert Frost.  He's got spunk.  We like spunk!  

Pretty Miss Pookie is doing well for a first-timer.  She loves being pet on the face!  Such a gentle little dove!  

Achilles came in yesterday and he's a very gentle guy.  

Max is such a dandy!  

Summer is on the prowl!

Laila is such a sweet girl!  She loves those wicker baskets.  

Lovely little Haij likes hanging out in his condo.  

Frankie is the indisputable Ruler-for-Life of the downstairs area.  

Samuel is one of our many new-comers this week and he's quite comfortable playing with this piece of rope.  

Here's Nyar giving herself a bath.  

Yana reminds me of a garden statue soaking up the rays.  

Rocco has found himself a nice cool spot in the shade of the catio.  He's doing very well for having just arrived yesterday for the first time.  

Here's Maggie showing off her flexibility.  

Long, languid Lopo enjoying the sunny afternoon.

Frank looks a little surprised that I yanked the roof off his cabin.  

Doesn't KC have the most beautiful gaze?  

Gus is such a nice guy!  He's so good with the other kitties.

Samuel looking relaxed.  

Yana likes to stretch out real long.  

Eliza in her private cabin.  

Caruso is being a very friendly guy!  He likes to nap in his condo along side KC.  

Summer pokes her head out of her secret nook in the book shelf.  

Taj is so colorful in the sunlight.

Thank you for checking us out today!

Your blog host,


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