Friday, April 3, 2015

April 4th

We have a special birthday kitty with us!

Gus' birthday is actually tomorrow but we're celebrating a day early to make sure we could photograph it for you all!

Dean investigates Gus' birthday decorations

What a lovely boa, Gus!
Orange kitty party on top of the condos.

Brothers Hank and Dean sure know how to get wild

"What? a party? Happy Birthday!" says Bubba

Finley got a nice new haircut just for the occasion. (okay, maybe not...)

YUM! Tuna cake!
Bear would like a piece as well! I don't think Gus is into sharing...

Tiger seems so surprised!

Laila waits patiently for her turn to have a bit of the birthday cake


"I mean, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" shouts Philbert

Grace can smell the tunafish somewhere...

Dean and Tiger get a little piece of tuna to share

Frankie thinks the cake is all for her

Madame Mim helps herself

Every body's going crazy today

Junior prefers to avoid the hectic-ness of a party

Scout is just enjoying this lovely weather!

He's a real sweetheart

Tiger just can't let go of this whole cake idea.

Meanwhile in the office, we have a lot of sleepy kitties.

Phoebe cuddling in front of her brother

Maki is such a love!

Jaspers came out to explore for a bit but much prefers the comfort of his condo.

Pickle poses for the camera

Sasha naps away

And sweet little Phil is getting ready to take his afternoon nap.

Happy Birthday Gus! 
Sorry if I missed your kitty on today's blog. Be sure to email us if we didn't get a picture and we'll be sure to include it for the next blog.
Your blog host - Ellen

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