Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13th 2015

Our lovely kitty guests are watching another drizzly Seattle Monday roll on by...

Mr. Norbert Frost loves his cat bed!  

Lenny and Squiggy and two luxurious, long-haired black cats.  How do we tell them apart?

Squiggy likes to nibble on fingers (and bear legs too!)

He's anything but ferocious!  

Jezebel just arrived and she's one confident kitty.  

Doesn't Jessica have the sweetest face?

Frankie is just a little angel when she's sleeping!

Frank just got his lid pulled off.  He comes out of his cabin in the morning and evening, and when he does, he's the sweetest, most scrunchy guy!  

Sweet little Percy just arrived yesterday and he's a very gentle kitten.

Oka always comes out to say hello.  She loves to chat!

Miss Minka really likes her condo (and sleeping on laps as I write this blog!)

Puss 'N Boots is quite relaxed in his basket.  

Pretty Pookie has been making her rounds today and enjoying some fresh air in the catio.  Now she prefers her cozy tent.

She purrs when you pet her face!

Millie is a curious cat!

A.O. has the right idea napping on his high-up perch.

Pixel likes to strut her stuff.

Max and Achilles are double-decker kitties!

Minka would like to say "hello" again.  

Lopo loves attention!

Rosabelle is full of energy.

Skippy John just came in this afternoon so he's still hanging out in his carrier.  

Milan is listening to the raindrops from his usual spot.

Have a great Monday, everyone!

Your blog host,


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