Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 23rd

Oka made herself at home in the window box

Baby coming out of her tent for some lovin'

Sweet little Vincent!

Puur-C took over one of the other kitties conds

Luna shows off her "tight rope" walking skills as she steps onto a condo door

Miss Chloe showing off her fantastic coat!

Nyar just wants ALL the attention and Allison is happy to oblige.

Frankie's giving me her "I know it's dinner time soon" face

Miss Nixie just finds all the coziest spots to hang out in

Look at the smile on Yana's face!

Brothers Frank and Lopo in their favorite spots.

Max will not stop following me around. He's so sweet.

Achilles waiting patiently for dinner in his condo.

Your blog host - Ellen

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