Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27th 2015

Kitties are enjoying another beautiful sunny day at the cattery!

Here's Luna Kitten with eyes like dinner plates!

Nyar sticks out her paw in greeting.  

Peek-a-boo, Frank!  I see you in your cabin!  

Max is on the prowl again.  

Achilles has found himself a nice high-up perch to watch the clouds roll by.  

Yana on her favorite sunny shelf. 

Vincent is the sweetest little guy!  

Chloe always strides out of her napping spot to say "hello."  

Tiger is a cat who loves his condo.  

Rosabelle is using her powers of camouflage to blend in with her blanket. 

Pretty Oka is a chatty girl! She's got a lot to say!

Lopo loves to lounge.  

Purr-c is quite the precocious kitten!  We moved him and his sister downstairs because the two of them were bouncing off the walls (and off of us too!)

Thanks for checking us out!  

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