Saturday, October 10, 2015

October 10th, 2015

Dapper Joey looks up from his drink

Chats looks comfy!

Hello Hana, are you curled up today too?

Louis is so photogenic

"It's all in the eyes!"

Merlin just got dropped off and hes already all friendly

Oops, looks like I interrupted Yuki's nap

Zoey has taken Joey's spot by the water bowl

Ruby is all settled in to her new condo!

Zuma ran up the stairs to say hi as soon as I came in!

Georgia is always ready o make friends

Indie being a cute floppy-cat

Must've been too cold outside, Gus is hangin out in his condo

Hello Henry!

I caught Mia mid-nap as well

:"No pictures, please!"

Whether rain or shine, you can usually find Sam curled up outside in a basket

Brody has discovered our cat-cabins!

Miss Badger, staying vigilant from her lookout

Welcome back Little Bit! We sure are glad to have you back!

Ralphi is just such a pal, all he wants is to hang out and get scratched

Blog today by Miles, we have rain and clouds here in Seattle, but I hope you all have sunshine and views wherever you may be!

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