Friday, October 16, 2015

October 16th

Kiki says hello!

Our little mice kitties Yuki & Hana

Spike likes to talk!

and he's got amazing eyes

Angel lounging around

Zoey is such a friendly girl

Gotta keep that coat looking fresh!

Joey has to pet himself since I'm too busy taking pictures

Sweet Desi is back!

Chats is such a laid back guy

Smokey is all over the place. I couldn't get a good picture of him

Ruby rolling around for attention

Sam! How cute are you!

McClane is enjoying the comfort of his condo

Josie mid somersault 

She's such a rolley poley girl

Gus guarding the stairs

Gigi catching some zzz's


Brody roaming the condo tops

Little Bit soaking up some attention

Peter sure is a friendly kitty

Phoebe looks so sweet curled up napping



Merlin is loving the catio!

Holder is sooo cute!

Your blog host - Ellen

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