Thursday, October 8, 2015

October 8th, 2015

Siblings Joey and Zoey are all tucked in for a morning nap

Love those eyes, Joey!

Mitchell stands on high legs to play!

Chats is a sleepyhead!


Cinnamon is mildly curious

Yuki and Hana check out the acion

Theo admires the garden

Chats prepares the bed

There's a Kiki in a basket!

Gus has mixed feelings about this new toy

Sam notices something shiny..

...and snags it!

Zumma went to town on it! 

So did Mr. T, quite obviously! 

Sweet Squidgy!

Siblings Henry and Gilbert are nestled away in bed. Could I join you guys? ?

Henry has the deepest green eyes

Georgia just arrived.! What a beauty.

'Sup, Badger?!

Indy has a perfect view of the whole cattery

Ralphie is a party cat!

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