Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26th, 2015

It's always difficult to get any work done when Joey and Zoey are around and being cute
Loki is one kindhearted boy
Just look at Goma's incredible silver coat

Theo is a goof

Kona makes her mark on Ellen's shoe

Silly girl
Spike is so precious with his little paws tucked under

Joey has quite the voluptuous backside

I just love your face, Zoey!

Angel on the lookout

Baby did not want to pose for us

Marley is such a ginger kitty

Here's a regal looking Sophie, queen of the cattery

Julien always has such a sweet disposition 

But is he rolling his eyes at me here?

It's a lazy morning for Cougar 

High five to you too, Noodles!

Gus doesn't care much for photos

But decides to pose for me anyway

Little Bit, a-lurkin'

Mojo! So happy you're back

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Cougar isn't finished with his photoshoot

Peter truly loves this tent

Marley wants my attention

What a tail!

Welcome back, Frankie!

Thanks for looking!
Until next time, your Blog host, Lindsay

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