Sunday, October 18, 2015

October 18th

 Sunday at All My Kitties.

 Peek a boo Yuki or is that Hana.  It's so hard to tell these two twins apart.

Smokey took over my office chair.

Zoey is looking for an empty box. 

 Chats waits patiently for his dinner.  

 Spike dreams of going outside.

 Zoey soaks up the attention.


 Ruby loves to run up and down my hall stairs and take a swat at me as I go quickly by.  

 Lulu and Arina are such beautiful kitties, as they all are.

 Gus has had a busy day and is just taking a breather.


 Gigi loves her condo almost as much as dinner.

 Miles taking a selfie with Holder


 Don't mess with Little Bit.  All though she's small in stature, she thinks she's the queen.



 Group shot!

Merlin loves to be loved!

Handsome Duke


 Cougar loves the outdoors and is one of our regulars.

Our darling Nyar.

We're having a little camera malfunction today so we will get the rest of your babies tomorrow.  Check back then.  

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