Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12th

My! How handsome is Brody?

Georgia getting some shut eye

Peter is excited to be here!

He's ready for his close up already
Gus and Ralphie are bunk mates for today

Ahhh look out Gus!

Lindsay caught Sam mid head shake

Getting some lovin' from Lindsay

Little Bit is an active kitty!

Little Bit and Sam vs Green Feather Toy

Ruby is enjoying the view from her window

Joey LOVES this toy

And it makes quite a fashionable scarf

Merlin has is eyes set on the feather toy

Chats is soo handsome! Love that grey coat
Kiki looks so zen


Yuki and Hana just want to sniff the feather toy



Getting up close with Minka

Louie loves to perch.

Your blog hosts - Ellen & Lindsay

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