Thursday, October 1, 2015

October 1st, 2015

                      Happy October, from All My Kitties!!

Esme! What a queen.

Yuki is explorin'

Benci takes a sip on his condo

Johnnie Walker wonders what is dangling in front of her face

Joey is curious about this toy

Perhaps he'll sniff it first to see if it's worthy

Joey's sister Zoey snoozes in bed

Mitchell is such a clown

Found you, Hana!

Mr. T says, "Get out of my face, crazy camera lady"

But Archie enjoys the attention!

Sweet Telegraph! We're so happy to have her back

Telegraph and Gigi are bunk buddies for the day

Blanton looks angelic as he gazes into the light

Bubba has something to say to me but I don't speak his language

I wish I could climb in there and snuggle up with you, India!

Squidgy goes up for a head message

Mila and her stunning silver markings

Oh, Harriet, you are such a ball of love

As is our Frankie!

Annie about to pounce

Gus has decided to hide from me

Too bad!

Archie continues to seek attention from the camera

Maggie all stretched out

Ralphie grins and gives us his best Jack Nicholson impression...

...And then practices some yoga

What a goof. 

Something outside has captured Mr.T and Ralphies attention

Theo and his big feet!
Joey peacefully observes the garden 

                                         Until next time! 
                                   Your Blog host, Lindsay

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