Saturday, October 24, 2015

October 24th, 2015

Aggie is fast asleep!

So was Kiki

And Baby too! I guess I started the blog right at official cat-nap time

Spike is always ready for some attention

Joey always knows how to pose

Zoey just wants the scratches

Well hello Theo

I think Desi likes having quiet time away from her brother (Holder)

Loki has the cutest face!

Kona was being super super cute for me!

Angel knows how to get cozy

Arina, dreaming about whatever cats dream of

Little Bit, comfy and cozy

Lulu woke up to say hi

Holder didn't just wake up, he immediately jumped out!

Awkwardly timed shot, but Holder was being super-cute!

Who's basket are you napping in now Gus?

It's Marley's first time here! He was too busy checking everything out to nap

Peter always does a formal pose for the camera

Emmie is back! This girl has so much energy

I love Noodles' facial expressions

Mojo progresses from saying hi to 100% floppy-cat mode...

...very quickly

Merlin likes to just sprawl out and soak up the sun

Another postcard from Cougar-Cabin!

Blog today by Miles, hoping all of you on vacation get to nap as much as your cats are!

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