Monday, July 11, 2011

And the Kitty fun continues!

Lyre relaxes in her new favorite kitty tent.

Smokey is on the hunt for something...

What does he spy?!

Later, he gets tired of prowling when he finds some cat nip! 

 Cuca is a new guest! Both her and her sibling Pinta are doing great!

Jackson blends in well with all his orange bedding!

Phoenix wants to play with the camera string!

Buster is outside lounging in the highest kitty bed we have.

Palu is outside sun bathing.

Lucky wakes up from an early afternoon nap!

Here comes Lopo...

I think he wants a turn in the kitty basket. It's Lopo's nap time. 

Jazzmine is out sun bathing too!

I think she would rather sleep than get her picture taken.

Blue is in his favorite spot again! 

Conseco is ready to play!

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