Sunday, July 3, 2011

You have to look closely to see Polly peeking:

Elvira really gets into it when you start scratching her head.
She does that adorable "bread kneading" action with her paws.

You can see the scattered food pellets from when she
flumped enthusiastically over on her side to receive petting.

"Noooo!  Keep petting me!"

Miso is going home today.  She is a sweetie!

Molly is enjoying the window boxes in the office-
getting a taste of the fresh air outside.

Millie chills out in her condo in between romps around the catio.

Oreo gazes into the distance from the highest perch on the cat tree.

It was hard to get John Robie to hold still for a photo.  He is hyper today!

Bella talks...

Loud, and often!

Here's a cute interaction between Chief and Serena--
who, coincidentally, somewhat resemble one another!


Mia is so elegant.

Oreo is done with high places, and takes a rest on the sun-warmed ground.

Mango is a big dog of a cat!  He is good at getting the attention he wants,
by bonking his head against your legs!

Serena's new little sis is still shy and spends most
of her time in the condo, but she loves attention!

She shows off her "downward dog" pose!

She also did "cobra" but I missed getting the photo...

Kevin, her upstairs neighbor, is one of the nicest guys you'll meet!

Knuckles is still quite shy, but her brother Kevin is very sweet to her and does his best to comfort her.  I saw him give her a few good licks on the top of her head!

Luring Smokey out is not hard...

He loves attention, too!

Maddie and Zezou, smiling at each other!

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