Friday, July 1, 2011

Today... I heard some rustling...

I looked out to see Marie's cat Domino, rolling around
in the catnip plant, thoroughly enjoying herself!

Rosabelle had a good view of it from inside the cattery: 

She was doing some rolling, herself! 

I think this is the "Picture Of The Day."
It really captures Rosabelle's personality.

Chief looks on.  He is a very regal cat. 

 Poncho is very relaxed, all the time!
I've never seen him get "the crazies" as many cats do.

He appreciates a good head scratch. 

Bella just arrived today and she is very interested in getting to know us! 

She is a little shy and seems to feel safest in her basket,
but she keeps venturing further and further out,
determined to discover her new surroundings! 


Serena is a tiny love-bug!  Her sister, Peach, is pretty shy and may take some time to warm up.

Oreo is also a very relaxed guy.

Hey there, Philbert!

Zezou announces his presence with extreme confidence!

Gandalf hears it...

John Robie hears it, too.

Saffron chooses not to pay him any attention.

Miso, Miso!  She loves the window boxes in the office.
Her favorite activity is sitting in the window boxes and yowling her head off!
When you ask her what she's doing, she looks at you so innocently.

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