Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yesterday I heard some thumping around on the roof of the cattery.
I looked up to find Marie's cat Domino staring back at me!
On a playful impulse, I started poking at her with the broom handle...
...with hilarious results!

Tana was uninterested-- more excited about catnip than a creepy roof-cat!

Lucky watched her watching catnip.

Conseco enjoyed the sun.  Too bad both he, and the sun, are no longer at All My Kitties today!

We have some real sweeties here, though.  This is Newton, who loves a belly rub.

Shiloh wants to get in on the action.

Newton's sister, Cassini, skulks around the room!

When they find each other, they are both relieved.

They love to cuddle!

Or just sit close to one another.

Elvira thinks her pill is a treat, since we put it in a pill-pocket.
She'll never know the difference!

There are so many more wonderful kitties here today.  Keep checking back, and maybe you will see your kitty in the next few days!  Meow!

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