Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cirrie is on a mission, to receive petting!

Haji eagerly joins his brother in this quest:

Brotherly love.

Haji has such good posture.

I caught a bunch of kitties at naptime, today!

Gilda chose a funny spot.  Doesn't look too cozy, but I guess she likes it!

Lola looks lost in the lap of luxury.

...and lengthens her legs languidly.

Sonny is a sweetie!


Tana lounges outside as usual.

Such a sleepy one!


Kashi was relaxed until he noticed me.  Then he wanted to play!

I had to convince him he was still relaxed:

He gave in after a good head-scratch!

I thought I had gotten a photo of each cat downstairs,
but then I discovered Cielo tucked cozily away inside one of the cabins!

In the office, Georgina tests out the kitty pagoda.

And ultimately chooses the tried-and-true: basket.

I can't get enough of this sweet little old lady, Lucy!

Queen Cordelia looks a tad disdainful...
What have we done wrong, to upset your royal highness?
(She can be moody, but we love her all the more for her strong personality!)

Smudge sure looks cute in what I like to refer to as "meatloaf position."

Joey matches his wicker basket perfectly! 
 Now you see him, now you don't!

To finish off, here's Marie's cat, Shiloh, looking dramatic.

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  1. thanks for letting us see Gilda! she often naps on top of the piano at home so i guess she does like curling up on hardwood... :)