Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Newton and Cassini are taking a little cat nap. 
Newton plays peek-a-boo with me as I take his picture.

Gabby sleeps on top of the condo in a cat tent.

Blue is about to head home. She is looking forward to see her family!

Kashi is lounging by the door to greet incoming kitties!

Oreo relaxes outside in the 55 degree weather. 

He then decides he would prefer a heated cat basket instead. Nap time!

Lulu, a new arrival, has made herself right at home.


Here is a series of pictures of Buster, our big man on campus, playing with Annie and I.

Cielo has adventured outside and found a perch!

Frank (of Frank and Lopo) loves this kitty house to sleep in.

Ozzie has also found a kitty house as well and is taking a snooze in the heated bed.

Stay tuned for more kitty pictures!

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