Friday, July 8, 2011

Kitty Fun and Summer Sun!

Lyre takes a break and naps in a kitty basket.

John Robie is feeling a little tired. 

He doesn't seem amused by a spontaneous photo shoot...

Kevin has found the perfect perching spot to watch everyone!

Chief takes a break from the sun and curls up inside.

Chief's condo-mate Millie decides to snooze too.

 Abigail, a new kitty, is getting acquainted with her new home!

In the heat lots of kitties like to nap outside.

Lopo has found a great spot.

Blue is in the perfect spot to stay out of the sun.

Oreo is lounging outside as well.

I found a kitty who wants to play! Butters spys the camera string!

... then he spys a bug on the ground!

Mango is on the hunt for some cat nip!

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