Friday, July 29, 2011

Here's Lucy, again!
Watch the video to hear her scratchy old-lady-cat meow!
She is just darling.


Wally went home today, but not until after a nice nap on the highest shelf in the whole cattery!

Sophie loves the window boxes in the office.

Mu Bai loves a good head-scratch!

Marie's cat Shiloh stretches in the laundry room.

Gilda looks dreamy-eyed...

Buzz squinches his eyes shut tight when I come to take his picture!

Hildy is really warming up!

I feel like I'm being watched by Zeus...

His brother, Solomon, isn't so sure he wants to leave the condo, yet.

Milo sees me coming, and looks hopeful:

"Yessss!  That's just what I wanted!!!"

Bobby, basking in the sunshine.

Taiko is a pretty cat!

His brother, Eru, gives him some competition!

Haji is also pretty gorgeous.

Who am I kidding, what cat isn't beautiful?
Bobby shows off his rugged good looks.

Kitty Angel just arrived today, so I'm waiting a little bit before letting her out with the others.  She seems very relaxed already, though!

The garden is looking very lush, lately:

From left to right:  beets, carrots, beans.  All ripe, and delicious!

A pumpkin develops...

Zeus says "Good-Bye!"

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