Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 15

Lip smacking good, right Maggie?

See what I have to put up with?  Oh well, I love Kuro so I'll let it slide.

Cleo looks so proud. 


She has to make sure I'm okay first.

Plop! I think she likes me!

Mia and Gatana made their way up the stairs and each chose a condo to hang out on top of.

Lady Penelope has been following me around all morning. What a cutie!

Gracie all snuggled up on top of the condo.

When Jasper isn't sitting on my shoulder he likes to hang out in his condo. (I think he prefers my shoulder though, you should hear the motor on this guy!)

Kiki likes to hide up above everyone else.

Nyar is one of the few kitties brave enough to hang out in the rain.

Yana is right at home on their perch.

I think Lola actually enjoys the rain.

Prints went right to his favorite outdoor hut as soon as he got here.

Yana again.

Millie is out like a light. She looks soo comfy.

Sweet little Lady T. She's so tiny and cute.

Bentley got a surprise visitor yesterday! His mom, Sara, came to visit him all the way from Alaska.

Reunited at last.

Bentley even got to hang out on Marie's deck for a bit.

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