Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lots of kitties means lots of pictures!

Marie went to Metropolitan Market the other day and discovered something...

They now sell cats!  Isn't that cool? 

Basso always wants more attention.

Zorro in his favorite spot outside.

What are you looking at, Ada?

Artie's not a fan of the flash on my camera... 

Bela enjoying his comfy bed.

Jack is distracted by another kitty.  Look over here!

I noticed this blanket had started moving so I went to investigate...

Quinn decided to make a fort.

Mittens was jealous of Quinn's fort.

Mink taking it easy.

Cleo is sooo tired!

Lucy and Muffin love being up on top of the condos.

Lucy is just too cute.

Muffin hanging around.

Gilda getting ready for some beauty sleep.

Vincent enjoying some fresh air.

This handsome fellow is Gomez.

Phil settled in to his hut quite nicely. 

Roo is such a cutie!

Jack Black can't be bothered right now.

So many black and white kitties here! This here is Aussie.

And this sleepy kitty is Jack Black.

Alfie sprawling out across the floor.

Cute little Josie.

Aww Jessica is just too precious.

I don't think I've seen Eliza anywhere other than this perch. She loves it!

Rosalyn enjoying the garden.

Bentley is just soo exhausted.

Edgar looks so sweet in his hut.

Oh boy is Rosabelle sleepy!

I was looking through all the pictures on the camera when Alfie decided to say hello!  
He's so affectionate.

Samson was really interested in my shoes as well.

If you ever get your carrier back with another kitties fur in it, this is why.  Marie's cat, Domino, thinks they make for perfect napping spots.

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