Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sleepy day here at the cattery

Zorro lounging around outside.

Jack lounging around inside.

Smokey lounging around upstairs.

Agent Orange is still out and about.

Cleo lounging on a desk.

 Lucy lounging on a chair.

Cleo has moved to this comfy scratching post.

Now Agent Orange is lounging by the window.

Muffin Lounging on top of the condos.

Baby lounging next to Muffin.

 Vincent lounging in his kitty house.

 Jack and Jack Black making friends! 

 The two of them lounging together.

 Ada lounging in a basket.

 Sam lounging in a bed.
 Frankie lounging on a kitty tree.

Bentley isn't quite ready for a nap.

 Lopo lounging in a basket outside.

 Rosalyn lounging with a view.

 Frank lounging in an outdoor kitty cabin.
 Rosabelle lounging way up high.

 Eliza lounging with her cool new haircut.
 Basso taking lounging to another level.

 Brothers Bela and Edgar lounging around in their condo.

 Samson feeling a little camera shy.

 Bumper lounging already.

 Bonny trying to relax but I keep taking pictures of her.

 Aussie taking a break from lounging to say Hello!
Gigi lounging with a toy.

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