Saturday, August 17, 2013

August 17

I love Maggie's little white feet. So cute.

Miss Wilson

Who doesn't love ear rubs?

Peanut looks happy to be back!

Aw Kaplan getting some sleep.

Watch your paws Caruso! 

I wonder what caught his eye.

How did you even get up that high, Grace? She's way up above the condos here.

Millie looking adorable as always.

You know how I mentioned how Jasper liked sitting on my back on the last blog? Yeah, I wasn't kidding!  He's such a cutie!

Mr T. hanging out in his little kitty hut.

Poncho getting comfy in his condo.

Bentley's picture perfect, as always.

Puss'N'Boots walking around like he owns the place already.

We seem to have a lot of sideways kitties today.  This sideways kitty is Yana.

Sideways kitty Lola.  It looks like she's floating.

Sideways Kitty Nyar.

Sideways Kitty Gatana

Oh, yay, she's up!

Prints looking as handsome as ever.

Kiki really loves this kitty hut.  She's way up above all the other cats.

Kahlua is such a pretty girl.

Ooh, is something over there?

Kaplan ready for action!

Kaplan and Bentley hanging out.

Now Caruso wants to see what all the fun is about.

What's up there, Millie?

That hut smells super good according to Mia.

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