Saturday, August 24, 2013

August 24

Maggie guarding her feather toy.

Aww isn't Esmeralda sweet?

Oh no! She's so ferocious! 

Maggie and Esmeralda are having such a fun time with each other. 

Monkey see, monkey do.

Smokey got to spend some time outdoors.  I think he enjoyed it out there.

Neddie is just too precious. 

I'm not quite sure if these videos are working.  But you can kind of see Esmeralda and Maggie playing together just from the preview. Either way, it's pretty cute.

Yummy! Cleo finishing up her breakfast.

Coco is snug as bug.

Agent Orange is just too cute with that scrunched up little nose.

Caruso, is that your food?

Aww Hunter.  Look at that adorable little face.

Hi Mr T! How's it going?

What's so funny, Totes?

Poncho loves hanging out above all the condos.

Ada is such a sweet hear.

Kaplan! What a cutie!

Bath time for Puss'n'Boots. Gotta keep that coat looking fresh.

Careful with that paw, Frankie!

Two of Babs' favorite things. Sleeping and this kitty bed.

Buster is contemplating the meaning of life.

Rosabelle our sweet and sassy girl is back with us.

Streeetch. Millie's version of yoga.

Jack is confused by the chickens next door. "Where are they?!"

Totes is way too handsome.

Zorro getting comfy.

Marie thought Alphie looked like a bunny. He kinda does, doesn't he?

Kaplan is such a charmer.

Peanut's getting sooo sleepy.

Isn't Baby absolutely gorgeous?

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