Thursday, August 8, 2013

August 6

 We start with Twyla who is lounging out on the window veranda this warm summer night

 Kitten Esmerelda spys a toy and she's just a blurr of activity.

 Cleo is wondering what's going on with that little fur ball.

 A rare quiet moment with the kitten.

Grace and Jack Black meet at the kitchen door, or maybe they're just jockeying for position for mealtime.

 Bentley is always first in line.

Three Pixie Bobs at All My Kitties today.  This is the youngest, Hunter.

You have colorful tags Hunter. 

Abbott and Costello waiting not so patiently for their kitty chow.  Food is on the way!

 While Mia and Gatiana are a little more dignified.

 #2 Pixie Bob is Buster.  He has been coming to All My Kitties for many years.

 This is the best picture I have ever taken of Krancis and I think it should be framed.

 Lady Penelope is snug as a bug in a rug.

 Kaplan and Hazel meet through the condo partition.

 Hazel, I'll let you out as soon as you finish your meal.

 There you go Mia and Gatiana.  Thanks for waiting.

 # 3 Pixie Bob is Kaplan.  What a love.

 I've really got to watch Stanley.  He tries to eat everyone's food.  OK, into the condo you go.

 Another cozy guest, Settie.

 Miss Pretty Paws herself, Mittens.

 Don't say "yuck" Lucky.  Your people give you the best food.

 Millie and Ollie are the sweetest.

 Wake up my darling.  It's time for dinner.

There are a lot of kitties this weekend.  I'll know I missed a few in today's blog, but I'll post more tomorrow or Saturday.  See you then.

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