Sunday, August 4, 2013

Seafair Day

Some of you said there weren't enough pictures of your precious darlings.  So here are back to back blogs.  Let us know if you don't see your kitty.  We'll make sure they get on our next blog.

 Today a lot of kitties want to be in the quiet room. 

 Miss Kitty Carlyle is an old girl.  No more game show hosting for you girl.

 Cleo decided the quiet room was better for her.

 Phil and Butters can't decide who should get the upper bunk, so they decided to take turns.

Sassafras loves her stuffed fortune cookie
 Chewie.  What a gorgeous kitty.

 Here comes Hazel up the stairs.
 What do you see in there Hazel?
 Atticus just havin some roll around fun.

 Majestic Pi next to Eli

 Eli has claimed this basket for his own.

 Lots of pictures of Jack Black, or who?  So many black kitties this weekend.

 Babs should be on the cover of Cat Fancier magazine.

She loves it outdoors. 

 Kitty Angel a little apprehensive about that first step.

 Sometimes cats do the strangest things.  What are you doing Kaplan?

 Lovely day today so French doors are always open

 Mia and Gatania

"OK, let's see what's out here," says Kaplan.

 Kaplan is so happy to be at All My Kitties that he just can't stop laughing.  

 Love the tag on your collar.


 This is what happens to a very curious kitten who decides to jump up on an ironing board.  OUCH!

 Seafair is in full swing outside our AMK windows.  
 Kitties have a great view.
But no loud Blue Angels this year.

Have a great Sunday!

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