Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 1st

Chewie likes his bed better without all that excess bedding.

Black sure was thirsty!

Aww Bentley, such a sweetheart.

Mia and Gatana are such beautiful and sweet kitties.

Fargo settling down for his afternoon nap.

Look at that face! Leo is just too cute.

Babs really likes her bed.

Jack Black guarding the door.

Skippy-Jon is wondering where the sun went. "I thought it was August!"

Ziggy had something SUPER important to tell me.

Isn't Sushi just a great name for a cat? I love it and I love her!

Pi misses the sunshine too. But I don't think he minds that much.

Bentley again, he loves being brushed!

Cleo just got here today and already looks right at home.

I couldn't find Spike for the longest time, he just blends right into the basket!

Lupin! He's such an awesome cat.

We all love him here.

Sassafras getting nice and clean!

What's over there Phil?

He sure loves his head scratches. Don't fall off buddy!

Butterscotch is soo sleepy.

Something grabbed Lupin's attention.

And last but not least, the gorgeous Twyla.

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