Saturday, August 10, 2013

Full House

We have a full house at All My Kitties.  I'll try to post photos of every kitty enjoying their vacation.

 Here's Ralphie just relaxing on his blanket.

 Misha is posing like The Sphinx on top of her condo.

 Gabby has cheeks that you just want to pinch.  She might not like that though
 Twyla is on top of the condos and doesn't like that I'm cleaning the one below.  Sorry Twyla.

 Our masked girl Maggie is back.

 Minka meets Esmerelda.  Esmerelda is learning how to look ferocious.  

 Misha also likes to be high and evidently warm sitting directly under the spot light.

Maybe you can't tell, but that is a kitty arm climbing the condo.

Up Up Up she goes.

 That's amazing.  She just climbed six feet to the top only to find big kitties waiting for her.

 Cleo is watching all the kitten action but is not going to let go of this feather toy.

 Minka just does a drop and roll on the floor.

 The baby is curled up in the vacuum hose.  Maybe she's going to help me vacuum since she is the one who makes most of the mess here at All My Kitties.  Ah, all she has to do is look adorable.  Good thing because she is a lot of work.

 Look at Ralphies interesting eyes.

 Settie in her usual place.  She loves to just be in the basket in her condo. She really doesn't seem to venture out much even though her condo door is open.  Many cats like the security of their condos.

 Not Millie.  She's out all day until dinner time, then she's very protective of her condo.  No one messes with her at meal time.

 Mia and Gatiana are kitties that like the security of their Xlarge condo.

 Two Siamese kitties here this weekend.  Above is Stanley and below is Mia.

Lola just came in this morning and already is comfortable outside.  She has a smart new hair cut too.

 Hazel is thinking that cat perch might be something she would be interested in.

 Up she goes.
 And she likes it.

 Blue eyes Stanley again.

 Sometimes you don't know what's you'll find when you open the roof of an outside cat cabin.

 Whose peeking out?

 Bentley of course.

 Lucky just likes to stand on top of the cat cabin.

 Hi Abbott!

 Jack black with Lucky below.

 Newton gets a nice massage from Allison, lucky kitty.

 Babs has been out this morning and talked up a storm, but she's done now and thinking about nap time.

 Grace in her favorite spot.

 Jasper get's cuddles from Allison too.

 Cassini is just chillin.


 Lady Penelope is curled up tightly.

 Bab's wakes up and starts to give advice on world affairs.



 Ralphie hasn't moved much.

Esmerelda is tired of all this picture taking and tries to chew the camera cord.  

Phew, I think I got them all in.  I hope you saw your precious kitty.  Let us know if you like them by emailing Have a wonderful weekend.

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