Sunday, August 3, 2014

August 3rd

Happy Seafair Weekend!
While everyone was out watching the Blue Angels, we stayed in and hung out with all the cats!

Angels? I think Palu is just watching for birds

Indy loooves the heat, we always find him out here in full recline

Junior too, they're tuxedo buddies!

I love Ziggy's stark green eyes

Oh Lady Tschang, no one can nap quite like you

Tiger likes to show off all his kung-fu moves on the rug

Poncho and Stanley know where to be

Oscar was coolin' off in one of the little houses

Little Bit was trying to catch all the sun she could!

Jack Black always perches up high so he can watch everyone...

And Chief? he just makes sure he gets his beauty sleep so he can stay so elegant

Sushi! Here's a cat that knows how to keep cozy

Oh Maxwell, what a relaxed cat

Summer is just a sweetheart, she loooves getting people time, so we always make sure she gets some lovin'

When not watching from on high, Jack Black just naps on the floor

I love Palu's facial expressions, she always looks so inquisitive!

Black is just another sweetheart! Him and his brother Ziggy both like people time more than they like cat time

Spike just likes everyone, he's an awesome cat to have around!

I caught him and Settie hanging out, she was very curious about who came up

Settie is a quiet one, but she just has loads of affection for people

Looks like Rufus found a new hangout spot

Mittens is on top of her favorite condo here, she loves hanging out up there

She likes to stay up, so she always makes noise and rolls around till we come play with her!

That's not your condo GiGi! But you don't seem to mind all that much

Black has such cool eyes, with and without camera glare

So does Stanley, and he has a real knack for funny expressions

He and Poncho were prowlin' around the cattery together

What a silly cat you are Stanley

Frost and Marshmellow just got in and are still feeling pretty shy, but Frost came out long enough for me to pet him a bit and snap a picture!

Grace has been coming here for a while now, and she's always relaxed and used to the camera

Badger here always has 1 priority when I let her out; finding a cozy secluded spot to nap for a few hours

Maddox is setting a very good example, always stretch after working out!

Maxwell just decided to go to town on the scratch post

and Summer poked her head out to see all the commotion!

Trouble here is just adorable, although he can live up to his name if you let him grab your hand for too long
But that's because he loves to play

Besides the extra toes, Thumbs sports an amaaazing coat

CoCo can be a shy one, but how can ignore such a cute cat?

These acts are just staying here for the first time, but they are settling in quick!
They explore a lot, but come nap time, they always cuddle up together, it is the cutest!

They are:

Swiper Fox!

Aaand Mr. Chubbs!

And your blog host today is Miles, who is having an awesome time hanging out with everyone's buddies!

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