Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June, 22

Ocho is absolutely adorable!

Umi, the office manager, takes a moment to pose

Louie matches the blanket!

Miava knows how to get comfortable

Taylor's fur blends in with the fluffy white blankets she's surrounded by

Percy loves the comfort of his carrier

Chloe is caught in the act of bathing


Hey, Oslo! What are ya doing back there, little buddy?

Cuddles from Allison!

Sibling love! Sophie & Butters snuggle up

It's beautiful Beau!

Missey says, "No pics right now, plz"

Snoozing away

Peto gets nice and silly!


Olaf stretches and yawns

What a guy!

Mojo is one photogenic feline

Theo loves his baskets

Candy sunbaths away!

Rocky admires the view

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