Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 28th, 2016

Another jam packed & hot day here at the kitty inn! We apologize if we were unable to get all of your loves in this time. Fee free to email us if you'd like a photo.

Missy gets silly in the sun!

Sarge is the sweetest!

Olso is such a lovely little lady

Olive says "cheese!"

Missy is mighty comfy 

Grace is the greatest!

Aussie is a sleepy head

Missey has claimed this hut as her thrown

Uttini is a lovely newer guest to siblings Atticus & Leo

Tenzing continues to make relaxation into an art

Olaf! Are you in a spaceship??

Mid yawn!

Charlie is darling


Atticus's personality is such fun!


Prancing in the air?

Juneauis a joy!

Peto is all over the place

Sweet little Lola!

Charlie is out like a light

Allison tickles Peto's belly as Juneau watches

It's our long time guest, Jessica!

Pancho lays in the shade

Notch looks delightful against the garden view

What a beauty

Tiger has something to say to me!

Here comes Rocky

He decides he wants a photo-shoot 

Nice portrait shot, little buddy

Batman? More like chat-man!

Notch & Rocky hangin' about

Tiger is on the prowl

Sly looking fellow

Missy got super silly in the shade, I couldn't decide which photo was cuter!



All that rolling around wore her out!

Juneau and her crystal blue eyes!

Needing those neck scratches

Leo is way up there!

Mia Moso explores the catio for the first time!

Enjoying the scenery

Phew, so many kitties! See you again soon!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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