Saturday, June 11, 2016

June 11th 2016

Peto is a rolly-polly boy!

He loves to flop!

Sophia blends in perfectly with the hard wood floors.

Umi is a pretty boy!  

Domino in Dream Land.  

So many curious kitties!

Annabelle really struts her stuff!  

Charles is a cat of the outdoors!  

Jessica's a darling!  

Ziggy couldn't be bothered for a photo.


Kiki was in the middle of a nap!

Magic made himself cozy.

So dashing!

Smokey's got a window spot.  

Vincent is that sweetest guy!

Johny Walker!

Bear is a luxurious fluffy lumpkin!

And so regal!

Captain and Cleo are a pair!  

Barret has those pretty blue eyes.  

Greyson likes to observe the room from on high.  

Nadia is so sweet!  

Marley has really come out of his shell.

Who's that cute kitty in the bookshelf?  Is it Nina?

Miu Miu has been out and about, but she's ready for a nap!  

Missey has a lot to talk about!

Have a great day!

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