Friday, June 3, 2016

June 3rd

Uli's ears are naturally down.  She is a very sweet kitty and loves head rubs.

Kiki enjoys her carrier so we just let her be comfortable however she wants to.

Roo is the king of the upstairs cattery.

Cheerio has the word on the tip of her tongue. 

Saru is not too sure about us yet.

But she's coming out to explore.

Watch out Clovis.  You're going to get your toes wet.

Oh for goodness sake Marilyn.  What's this all about?

Greyson has perched himself nice and high over the door.

Rosalie looks so content.  What a sweetie.

Baret has the red eye flash thing going on.

Oscar doesn't have red eye, but Baret still does.  Hmmmmm.

Umi is sooooo comfortable.

But she's questioning the camera in her face.

Acrobatics a la Olivia 

Mika is another acrobatic kitty enjoying the outdoors of the catio.

Bumper just arrived today and, well, he's thinking about leaving already but we are double wired so no cats can just walk away.

More of Rosalie

Our new piece of cat artwork by Pierre Bonnard to bring in some color and interest into the cattery.  Thank you Olivia's mom for giving us the suggestion.  

Samoa is not crazy about the vacuum but her little eyes peeked out for a photo.

Camera shy today were Vincent and Brody.

Your blog host - Marie

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