Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Rosalie is looking grand and mighty!

Kiki catches some Zzzz's

Saru is such a little sweet pea!

Welcome back, Sophia!

Luna has the softest fluffy white tuxedo

Sammy is a silly goose!

Uli acts as our computer technician for the day

Cheerio nearly blends in with the tent

Vincent is more interested in getting back to napping than photographed

Nixie has a lot on her mind

Bear is a dream boat!

Annabella is a fluffy love bug!

Kuro observes his surroundings

Samoa is quite enjoying her catoi field trip!

Beau arrived yesterday as our current newest guest. What a darling he is!

Scooter takes a stroll in the sun

Greyson looks too cozy!

May I join you??

Umi's eyes lighten up the room!

Lovely little lady

Nina almost matches the basket!

Beret pops out from his slumber

Oscar takes the best portraits!

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Your blog host, Lindsay

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