Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20th

What a cutie Percy is!

Hello Miava!

Ocho pays Louis a visit

Silly Ocho

Umi needs a "Do Not Disturb" sign for her nap

Boo is such a cutie!

Annie is such a sweetheart

Taylor stretches her way over to me

Kiki is passed OUT

Taylor looves her head/chin rubs. She makes the sweetest little chirps too!

Ollie has made himself right at home

Hello miss Chloe! I missed you!

And cute little Quorra

Missy has had a long day of running around and it's now time for her nap

Candy has the most beautiful gold eyes!

Oh Mossimo, I missed you so much!

Sophie shelters her brother, Butters, from the camera flash.

Oslo is missing his folks but thankfully they left him a picture to keep him company. =)

Mojo is in power nap mode
Olaf enjoying this nice day

Cougar loves his outdoor baskets

Rocky loungin around

Theo, you're such a goofball!

Peto rolls and flops around for the camera =)

Happy first day of Summer everyone!

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