Saturday, June 18, 2016

June 18th 2016

The calendar says summer will be officially here on the 20th.  You couldn't tell by today's weather.

Rocky and Cougar waiting for the sun to come out.

Taylor likes this pose a lot.

Kiki checking out the window veranda.

Annie enjoying a good chin scratching.

Ocho - such a clown.  He loves it when mealtime comes along too.

This is Oyster's favorite perch.

Miava is trying to catch the toy.  She's pretty fast too.

Louie wait's patiently watching the goings on in the cattery.

Umi has made the office chair her own.

Pepper and Dexter are frequent guests.  Here's Pepper &

Here's Dexter

Peto knows the heated floor is on today and is loving it.

Johnny Walker has the funniest name for a dainty little girl.

Big, Beautiful, and Black Beau

Quorra is a petite shy girl.

MiuMiu is a good model for the camera

Missy knows how to pose too.

Oly, not so much.

Shadow catching a mid day snooze out on the catio

Lestat keeping an eye out for flying things in the yard.

Peto gets around.

Olafr in a true cat pose.

Virgil is also enjoying the high perch out in the catio

Duke is always handsome.

Grace.  Her name says it all.

We found Chloe deep in a carpeted cat hutch

Come out Percy

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody.  We will.

Your blog hosts today - Allison and Marie

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