Friday, June 24, 2016

June 24th, 2016

Missy posing for the camera and Peto hiding in the back

Taylor loves to roll and flop around!

Gremlin doesn't act too much like a gremlin. In fact she's super sweet!

Percy lounging around

My what a tail you have, Shirley!

Looks like Miava was woken up during her nap!

Ocho had an exhausting day in the catio, now it's back to bed!

Gabby ponders getting a drink of water

What a cutie!

Umi is such a gorgeous girl!

Where'd the rest of you go, Chloe?

What cute markings Sarge has!

Pancho Villa and Missy pose for the camera

Peto's another rollie pollie kittie

Louie is such a handsome boy

Miss Grace relaxing after a long day of being a cat.


Are you getting sleepy, Mossimo?

Notch found a nice hiding spot 

We weren't paying enough attention to Olaf so he had to pet himself
What a cute little pink nose you have, Frances!
Our other Missey is enjoying some head rubs from Lindsay

Oslo is too cute!

Olaf again =)

Ollie hanging out in a basket 

Oh Mossimo, you're such a silly cat

Lola looks nice and cozy in her bed

Da, da, da, da, da, da, da.. BATMAN!!

 Rocky loves his little perch

Candy is the perfect name for this cutie, cause she's so sweet!

Tiger enjoying this surprisingly cold summer day

Charlie likes hanging out in the comfort of his condo

Massages from Lindsay are the best according to Mossimo!

Happy Friday!
Your blog hosts - Ellen and Lindsay